How To Open a Locked Screen Door From Outside | 5 Methods

Open a Locked Screen Door From Outside

You are stuck outside at your sweet home. That is not a pleasant feeling when you are already tired from the day’s work.

But you need to pull yourself together and find a way. I’m guessing you have already tried to move the doorknob in different ways, but it doesn’t unlock. Even if you shake it from left to right and up to down, nothing seems to work.

Now how do you get things back to normal? Learn how to open a locked screen door from outside using a solid piece of a soda can, credit card, hairpin, lifting the door upward, and cutting the screen with a knife. One of these should work.

I’ll explain each of these methods that target to open a screen door without a key!

Tips To Open Locked Screen Door From Outside

In this section, I’ll present the useful techniques that can be used when the screen door won’t open from the outside. Let’s dive into the procedure!

Method 1: Using Soda Can Piece

  • Unlocking a screen door from the outside is possible with a soda can.
  • Cut the can of soda into squares.
  • Bend one part in a slight roll.
  • Insert the soda can piece from the bottom to the top of the door at a slow speed.
  • Continue moving it and use your other hand to slide the door handle. It’ll open the locked screen door. 

Method 2: Using A Credit Card

  • Grab the credit card and check if it’s solid or not.
  • Slip the credit card into the small gap (of the door to frame).
  • Move the card from bottom to top in a fast motion.
  • Slide the door to the right side. The door will unlock easily.

Method 3: Using Hair Pin

  • Locate the lock slot.
  • Curve the hairpin at 90°.
  • Take a blade and cut the head of the hairpin.
  • Attach the pin to the bottom side of the lock.
  • Slip it inside the lock a little bit. Then, twist the pin.
  • Remove the pin and understand the pattern.
  • Insert the tension pin at the bottom and the hairpin on the top.
  • Move the tension pin (bottom side) while the hairpin stays on the top. It’ll help get the tension that eventually unlocks the door.

Method 4: Lifting The Knob Up & Down

  • If the screen door is light and easy to move, then lifting the door will help.
  • Hold the door tightly and lift it.
  • Wait for 2 – 3 seconds.
  • While holding it on the top, use pressure to slide the door handle.
  • Do the same thing 2 to 3 times. It’ll create a good force on the latch system to open easily.

Method 5: Cut The Screen Using Knife

  • Take the utility knife to cut the screen a little bit.
  • Use your one hand to sip inside the gap.
  • Put down the little knob to unlock the door from the outside.

Maintenance Habits To Fix Screen Door Lock Issues

Now that you know how to open a screen door that is locked, it’s good to know the reset method to fix it. Let me show you the direction!

  • Take a brush to clean the track regularly. Then, vacuum the surface to bring out the trapped dirt. Do not neglect the latch and strike plate slot as they also contain dust.
  • Grab the bottom of the door at a corner angle. Ensure the upper section of the door is close to the wall. Then, gently let it go and adjust the door in the right way.
  • Moisture the track, latch, and slot with penetrating oil to ensure the mechanism run smoothly.
  • Use a screwdriver to adjust the lock point and then apply silicone spray.
  • Change the bolts if they get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to open a locked door?

The labor cost will take around $100 to $200 based on the difficulty level and latching system. If adding the installation and material cost, it’ll raise to $230 to $600 on average.  

Do screen doors have locks?

The screen door usually contains a latch and pull lock which is typical. It has a little knob that can move up and down to lock and unlock.

Can you repair a tear in a screen door?

Attaching the fiberglass glass tape like the reliable Screen Repair Kit, you can fix a tear in the screen door. You need to cut a small piece and attach it to the torn area, and it’ll repair the surface.

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Overall Thoughts

The screen door is an effective item for the home that keeps out bugs, dust, snow, and rain while ensuring better aeration. And it gets compulsory to know how to open a locked screen door from the outside in the right way to make sure nothing bad happens to the lock mechanism.

I’ve also given some tips to keep this kind of door lock in a good shape that shall help in reducing the frequency of such issues. Hopefully, you like this guide as helpful and informative to try on your door!

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