How To Stop A Door From Squeaking – 6 Easy & Quick Fixes! 

How To Stop A Door From Squeaking

For homeowners, the most irritating thing in life is the noise especially of the sneaky door. And the root of this problem is due to the friction in the hinge. To put it more clearly, the dust or build-ups that are stuck into the hinge cause it to be abrasive.

And so, it results in resistance when the metal parts start to melt, which creates noise. Now, how to stop a door from squeaking? You need to learn the main reason why it’s happening and then based on the issue take care of the problem using appropriate tools.

Invest your valuable time in this guide till the end to know the fixing of door creaks when opening or closing. Keep On Reading…

How To Stop A Door From Squeaking Using 6 Solutions!

Knowing the right technique to stop a door from making noise when opening or closing is essential for the task. You can’t prevent that unless you locate the problem. Here’re 6 ways how you can easily fix the door from squeaking.

A good rule of thumb is targeting the affected part and lubricating it to solve the squeaky door.

Silent A Squeaky Door With Talcum Powder

One might find it funny but using talcum powder will genuinely quiet down a squeaky door. So, if you are asking ‘how to make a door not squeak when you open it’, the answer would be easy just use the talcum or baby powder by following the instruction.

  • Move the door to 45° meaning in the middle.
  • Then, take the talcum or baby powder and toothbrush.
  • Spread some of it on the brush to splash on the door hinge.
  • Next, do the same thing on the other hinges. Don’t forget to use talcum powder on the backward area too.

Applying Petroleum Jelly for Loosening

Do you know petroleum jelly contains a blend of mineral oils and wax which is super effective against friction? This is a good reason which inspires most experts to suggest it as grease to apply in hinge in order to stop a door from squeaking.

Secure Your Hand With Gloves

Start with, covering your bare hand by wearing a good pair of gloves. If you are okay with the grease sticking on your fingers, then avoid using it.

Remove The Hinge Bolts

Grab a good screwdriver and take out the hinge bolts. And, don’t just remove all the pins as it will cause the door to fall off and break.

Instead, remove 2 bolts at a time in all hinges and then apply petroleum jelly. And then, attach them back to their place. Again, remove the other leftover bolts and use the petroleum jelly. Then, put them back.

Clean The Door

Lastly, wipe away the leftover petroleum jelly as the surface might look unusual and clog the dents if you don’t clean it right.

Note: If you happen to not have petroleum jelly at home, then use Vaseline or Laneige for this purpose.

Lubricate Door Hinges Using The Hairspray

Another effective DIY solution that most household owners would help to fix the door from squeaking is hairspray. Nearly all hairsprays contain PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and PVAc (polyvinyl acetate) which are ideal for keeping the surface flexible and adding holding power.

Use a strong hairspray since it is only ideal for short-term results to silent the squeaky door.

Step 1 – Untighten the hinge bolts using the screwdriver to lose them a bit.

Step 2 – Next, apply the hairspray directly on the hinges for a couple of shots. Try to soak the hinges so much so that the liquid comes out of the bolts. That way you can ensure all the parts are covered in hairspray.

Step 3 – Don’t neglect the back of the door.  Move the door around 4 to 5 times to penetrate the hinges.

Step 4 – Wait for around 10-15 minutes. Test out the outcome by tightening all the bolts.

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Fix Door Squeaky Noise With Soap

One of the easiest ways to silence a squeaky door can be done by using a soap bar. Just be careful the soap you are using should never contain any bad elements such as glycerin.

This remedy is not a good thing for door hinge friction as it even attracts moisture resulting in the surface facing rust. And, it’ll eventually cause the hinge to get harder to open or close and make noise.


  • Take out the bolts from the door hinge. Be sure to do that on other hinges too by removing one by one.
  • Then, rub it using soap. Again, do the same thing on other hinges.
  • Let it be like this for some hours.

Shoot Away Rust Applying WD-40

If you want to deal with the problem like professionals, then the best way to overcome it can be done using WD40 on door hinges. First of all, use the WD40 in the door pins. This will last for a good time. And, be sure to clean the extra in the edges of door hinges.

Then, open and close the door 5 times nonstop to ensure everywhere the WD40 liquid penetrates. Wait the task is not complete yet! Again, apply the solution in the hinge in a bigger portion. Wipe the edges again to keep the surface neat and tidy.

Wipe Out Friction With Vegetable Oil

In every kitchen, the vegetable or olive oil is surely reachable. And using this as a lubricant for squeaky door hinges is an excellent solution that quiets the squeaky door.

To start the process, just take a brush and a bowl of oil. Dip the brush into the oil for some time and then apply the liquid on the hinges.

Just like other methods, you also need to move the door in an open or closed position for some time. Wait for the next morning.

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Wrapping Up

Sometimes it’s unbearable to tolerate the sound outside when doing serious tasks. With the best grease or oil, the problem of irritating noise coming out of the door will be stopped in a second. Hope this guide about how to stop a door from squeaking is helpful for you.

All the techniques given above will lead you to follow the right direction so that the task completes safely without causing a hassle. Be sure to try the given method. And, if you feel like in need of further study, then do so. Good Luck!

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