How To Make A Toy Box | Guide To Build a DIY Toy Box

How To Make A Toy Box

It’s not necessary that you browse through several options to get your kid a toy box spending a whole lot of money. Sometimes it’s simply a little bit of DIY that you need. And this is the case here as well.

You can simply choose to sidestep all those expensive price tags by learning how to make a toy box yourself that definitely serves the purpose pretty right. Yes, you can even try something fancy to include such as a soft close hinge for toy box as well if you want to.

There’s a lot of customization ideas that you can bring to the table and love end results that combine all of that. Let me help you on that today.

Let’s start to Build a Toy Box for Beginners

It’ll take a bit of time to get the toy box prepared, but hang on there with patience. The end result is so much worth it.

Preparation Phase – Get These Things

Arranging the supplies that you will be needing to make that toy box comes first. And here are a few things that should cross your mind before going to shop for all those items.

First of all, are you looking for a more like paint-grade finish? In that case, choose 18mm MDF. Or may go for a similar wood sheet material. Then there’s also the stain grade a1 plywood that you can go for. You’ll also need some similar hardwood trim boards. Also, think about the footer molding. Adding the extra detail on the boards’ edge will make it look like a store-bought version.

The DIY method that I’m planning to share is for making a toy box of dimensions 800x400x400 mm. So, you need 18mm MDF with 400mm height and 800mm length, 4 of the long pieces.

Then grab 2 square pieces of the same material. This time opt for a 364mm length while the height stays the same. You’ll also need a couple of lid stays, 4 castors that are made rigid, and also a large D handle.

Get some chipboard screws of dimension 18x4x30mm as well. And don’t forget two concealed hinges, go for the 95° ones.

After gathering the materials, you need to also bring a few tools to work with. Get drill and bits of 2.5, 5, and 35mm. A matching screwdriver is also necessary. Other items are a tape measure, a measuring square, some wood glue, a pencil, saw, and finally safety glasses as well as hearing protection to wear while drilling.

The Actual Making Process

Once you are all set with the needed items, get wood pieces cut into the size if not already. You can use any circular saw or even a table saw if available. As soon as the pieces are ready, lay them flat in front of you to have access easily. And then start from below:

Start From Attaching the Sides

So basically, for the bottom and both sides, you’ll be using the three long rectangular pieces. Just attach them all together. Start by placing one of the pieces flat on ground, the part that will play the box’s base role basically.

Then you want to position another piece right on the top facing same way. To the end, edge fitting flush is where you’ll put it right up. Then comes the part of making pilot holes. Use the tape measure from one side piece ends where the holes should be and use pencil to mark it.

In terms of 800mm length, the screws should be on 600mm, 400mm and 200mm basically. From each end, you want to go for another two screws at 25mm points. Measure the pilot hole positions the same way as all the 3 pieces basically have similar lengths.

Then mark pilot hole on the bottom piece at the same distances. Now for drilling pilot holes on the bottom piece, go all way through. However, for the side piece, drill only a tiny entry pilot hole. Onto the side of side piece, apply some wood glue, and make sure to wipe any excess. Hold the glued pieces together. You can screw on the pilot holes to keep things secure.

You want to repeat the process for other side pieces to finish sides and bottom pieces attaching segment here.

Move Onto Attaching Ends Next

As we are up for a 400mm box, use two screws on the middle for fixing. Then make holes on a bottom piece from the edge to 138mm, 200mm, and 338mm. From each end, go for further screws at 25mm.

The thickness of 18mm MDF will need you to follow different measurements for end pieces. Make pilot holes at 302mm, 182mm, and 120mm. again from each end, 2 fixing screws will go from 25mm. All the way through, drill those pilot holes on bottom piece while for the end one, you need one small hole starting only.

You can follow the same measurements of pilot holes to attach side and end pieces together. Just keep in mind, the height side of end piece is similar to the side piece’s height. So, the measurements to be on the side piece’s edge at 300mm, 200mm, and 100mm.

From both ends, you want to use 2 fixing holes at 25mm. Repeat the process for end side pieces. All the way drilling again for side pieces but tiny hole opening in case of end pieces.

End pieces will fix to the bottom piece’s top and side piece as well. You want to apply a very thin layer of wood glue and then fit the pieces together to screw and secure everything into place.

Work On the Lid Then

To build a toy box with lid, you’ll need to use hinges and stay. We are using hinges that will allow the lid to open up to 95° and having the lid flush-fitted as well. Use the 35mm drill piece for making the hole fit hinges. You should confirm the hinged top is fitting into lid well. And when it’s flat the thing should be close flush.

Some space is necessary for the lid stays. And so, you should place hinges 100mm from each end while keeping a bit of room additional. The center of hole will be 21.5mm from edge. Make a shallow hole that can hold the hinge’s circular head and keep things flush with the lid.

Putting the hinge right on the made hole’s top, you want to line side up to the top. From edge measure 37mm and this is where the hole of the mounting plate will position.

Start from the Back panels outside edge and go 101mm to side panel’s top inside edge to make a mark. Create a line that goes 73mm down and its end is basically the fixing position on bottom.

Now go 39mm upward distance from this line’s bottom end to put a cross mark. Placing a square level right underneath, you want to make a horizontal line next. On either side of the vertical cross, mark another cross at 16mm distance. So, you have three marks till now making a triangle shape.

Use the 35mm drill to make the pilot holes and screw them stay in place. Then make a mark on the lid. This is going to be on the centerline. Make 2 marks at 16mm on either front to the back of previously made cross. Make holes in these two marks and fit the bracket. Turning the screw head towards the stay side will allow proper closure speed.

The Finishing Touches

Fix the D handle on the toy box top and attach castors to the base area. This will basically add accessibility to your toy box. You can give it a little bit of color by painting or simply leave as it is.

a little baby sitting inside of a toy box

Try These Homemade Toy Box Ideas to Make It More Fun

  • If your kid owns a lot of animal toys or stuff, then try making a zoo-themed cage-style toy box for them. You will need some wood, screws, conduit, washers, and other regular tools to make this.
  • Another very popular toy box theme is the pirate’s treasure hunt style box. You can plan the outer side that looks similar to the typical tressure box we have seen in pirate movies.
  • If you’d love to save some space, then consider making a 2-in-1 type of toy box that also has a toddle bed on top. Making it isn’t hard if you sit and draw the outline yourself to decide accordingly to the size you’ll prefer.
  • The toy box can have some sort of personalization elements to it that your kid will for sure love. A few special details that you can dedicate to your beloved child will make any regular toy box out of ordinary.
  • Can you remember the storable wooden blocks from childhood? The one that used to have letters and numbers on them. Why don’t you try making a toy box out of that concept? The letters can arrange to be your child’s name making things more personalized again. Apart from basic tools, you’ll need some transparent plastic sheets that are letter-sized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a toy box?

It actually depends on what type of supplies, materials, and tools you’ll need to buy. Some might just be available at home while a few are not. Typically, it should cost you between 75 to 100 dollars. However, depending on the point of personalization, cost can be less or more.

How long does it take to build a toy box?

Beginners may have a hard time finishing the project. While those who have done home improvement projects and woodworking DIYs will find it finishing soon. Consider it to take somewhere between 3 to 6 hours depending on one’s skills.

Wrap Up

And that’s all for how to make a toy box yourself. Give it a try and maybe mix match with the ideas that I’ve shared. You can be creative and come up with new themes and designs to go for.

Don’t be scared to experiment. Unless you have zero experience with such DIYs. In that case, maybe try with a basic toy box, and then later you can move to make a fancy one next.

Good Luck Both Ways!

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