How To Enlarge Door Latch Hole The Safe Way!


When installing a new door on the house, it gets compulsory to make a hole on the door handle. And during the first trial, it can be problematic due to the small size issues.

So, how to enlarge door latch hole which is just too tiny? It is possible if you drill the surface like a clock and make a hole using a hole saw. Or go with the time-consuming methods (without drill) that require using a chisel, jig saw, and plain screwdriver. Sand the interior hole area with a sander.

Yeah, I know it’s not detailed enough to understand the whole procedure. Don’t worry! Read below the direction.

How To Enlarge Door Latch Hole With A Drill

It’s pretty simple to make the door latch hole bigger using the power drill. If you are a noob and have a door latch hole too small, then mimic the given steps to enlarge it professionally. 

Step 1: Measure The Door Latch Hole

  • Measure the old size of the door latch hole and mark how big you want the hole to be. 
  • Connect the mark and make a circle using a pencil.

Step 2: Drill The Marked Area Like A Clock

  • Take the power drill like a clock.
  • If you are planning to make a small hole, then go for a 1” drill bit to make the hole. Oppositely, use a larger bit if you want to make a bigger hole.
  • Keep on drilling from one point to another and then continue making the tiny holes which should look like a circle filled with dots.

Step 3: Make Hole Using A Hole Saw

  • Take a Door Lock Installation Kit which includes a hole saw and U-type plastic guide template like KATA Door Lock Hole Saw Kit.
  • Attach the smaller adapter and insert it into the power drill.
  • Insert the 1” hole saw and fit perfectly.
  • Make a hole on the side of the door.
  • Change the hole saw with a 2-1/8” one.
  • Again, make holes on the front and back sides of the door.
  • Clean the dust and surface.

Step 4: Sand The Surface

  • Take 60-grit sandpaper and simply sand the inner surface. Do not put extreme pressure when sanding.
  • Then, wet the surface and sand the 80-grit sandpaper to smoothen out the surface.
  • After that, use 120-grit and then 180-grit sandpaper to ensure a perfect door latch hole.
  • Do the same thing on the other 2 holes (front and back).

How To Make A Door Knob Hole Bigger Without A Drill

What if you don’t have a power drill and need to increase door hole size on the handle area? In that case, pick any given method and follow it to make that happen.  

Method #1: Make Hole With A Chisel

  • After measuring the door latch hole, mark the 3 areas (front, back, and side of the door) with a marker. 
  • Then, take a chisel and remove the small portion gradually on the side. Make sure it is around 24mm (1”) in size. 
  • Cut through the wood surface on the front and back sides in order to insert the mechanisms. Make sure that these are not more than 54mm (2-1/8”). 
  • Be sure the cut is ‘round’ in shape.
  • Sand the surface with a good sander. 
  • Check the gap whether it’s fine or not. If not, again cut a little surface using the chisel. 

Method #2: Enlarge The Hole With A Jig Saw

  • Untighten the hinge screws using a screwdriver. 
  • Lift the door to unpin and remove the door. 
  • Place the door on a table.
  • Take the jig saw once you have done measuring and marking the area (front and back hole is 2-1/8” while the side hole is 1”). 
  • Then, power on the jig saw simply make a circle. As an alternative solution, you can use the circular saw. 
  • Sand the surface and inspect if it is okay or needs adjustment. 

Method #3: Bigger Hole Using A Plain Screwdriver

  • Measure the doorknob hole and draw on the wood door (front, back, and side).
  • Use a plain, sharp blade screwdriver which is matching the size.  
  • Scrap the skin of the door using it. Continue doing it without crossing the marked circles.
  • Sand the surface.  

Tip:  You can use a file or small rasp to make a larger hole instead of a plain screwdriver.

Ending Notes

Taking risks with the door is bad. Everything needs to be perfect so as the door latch hole to place the handle and lock mechanism. 

An expert can do it easily but sometimes you might be in a situation where DIY techniques are the only way to get help. I have given the methods with and without the drilling for you to largen the hole. And you can determine which one to use according to your situation.

Hope you find this guide on how to enlarge door latch hole instructive. See You In Next Guide! 

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