How To Build Sliding Barn Doors For Garage: DIY Guide!

How To Build Sliding Barn Doors For Garage

I get it that you are determined to work alone on this project. And its praiseworthy indeed trying DIYs to save good money. But only consider a DIY when you have all the essential. And that includes both ideas and skills that one requires to make sliding barn door for a garage. 

As you know, it cost around $700 – $1,300 (installation + material costs) to get it done by hiring a carpenter. To avoid that expense, it’s awesome to learn how to build sliding barn doors for garage and try things yourself.

You’ll need to cut the wood according to the garage door opening and then use a sliding shed door kit to make the perfect sliding barn door

Let me lift the veil and get you to the detailed directions!

Steps To Build Sliding Barn Doors For Garage & Install Them

In order to get a sliding garage door barn style, you will need to follow the given steps without missing a point. Keep in mind it will take around 2 days. 

Step 1: Gather The Tools & Materials.

Before starting the actual process, be sure to get reliable and quality sliding barn door accessories like the Signstek Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit which includes all in one pack. The other tools you’ll need are listed below.

  • (7×16 Feet) 2 Cedar Plywood. 
  • Strong Adhesive.
  • 2×4” Wood Panels.
  • Door Handle.
  • Nails, Screws, And Other Accessories. 
  • Primer. 
  • Paint.
  • Pencil.
  • Brush & Roller.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Drill & Drill Bit.
  • Circular & Miter Saw.
  • Ratchet Wrench.
  • Hammer.
  • Measuring Tape.

Step 2: Plan For The Design

  • Start by, drawing a design that you find ideal sliding barn doors for the garage.
  • Use a pencil and art it on a page to remember the illustration.

Step 3: Measure The Garage Opening Door

  • Take the measuring tape and measure the garage opening door width x height. Write it on the page where you have planned the design. FYI, most garages are 7 feet in height and 16 feet in width.
  • Then, measure the top head and door frame sides too.

Step 4: Add The Frame To The Garage Door

  • Take one 10×18 feet cedar plyboard and cut it for around 6 to 8 pieces in 2” width.
  • Place 2 wood pieces and place them on the siding of the garage door (left and right sides). Apply adhesive and brush it to spread the glue to attach to the sidings.
  • Use the nails to secure and hammer them on the sidings of the door.

Step 5: Install The Track Above

  • Measure and drill the spots.
  • Hold the track above and insert the nuts.
  • Fit them using the power drill.

Step 6: Make The Barn Sliding Barn Door

  • Take the big plywood and cut it based on the garage door opening size using a miter or circular saw.
  • Sand down the surface completely (optional if it’s flat).
  • Insert the strap steel on the corners and nail them to attach rightly.
  • Take the 2×4” wood panels and attach them based on your design using the glue. You can make a ‘Z’ shape or simply insert the panels vertically.

Step 7: Apply Primer & Paint

  • Take the brush or roller to use the primer and then paint.
  • Be sure to choose a darker shade if your garage paint is light or vice versa.
  • Dry the surface naturally for 1 day.

Step 8: Attach The Door & Handle

  • Measure again for inserting the clamps on the top of the door. Be sure to mark the spot where you are going to add the screws.
  • Use the bolts and hand tighten them. Then, attach the ratchet wrench to tighten them nicely. Secure the bolts with nuts. Be sure to use the 2 bumpers on top using a screwdriver.
  • Drill the area where you want to attach the handle. Insert the door with screws and simply tighten them with the screwdriver.
  • Place the door by aligning the tire to the track. In this process, get help from your family member or friend.

How To Care Sliding Barn Doors

No matter if your sliding barn door is painted or not, it will still require some rules to keep it in good shape. Try the given tricks to treat it better.

  1. Use Oil On The Metal Parts: Take a penetrating oil and simply just dip it on the hinges, door handle, nuts, and screws to keep them strong against rust and decay.
  2. Apply A Reliable Cleaner: Grab a trustworthy cleaner (homemade or ready-made) to spray on the door and scrub the surface using an old rag.
  3. Coat The Door With Polyurethane: As the barn door will be placed outside (in the garage), it’s best to use polyurethane. It’ll help the surface to defend against rain, snow, and sun ray.
  4. Fix The Small Damages: One of the worst things is to neglect the tiny spoil on the barn door. Instead, locate the damage and immediately treat it.
  5. Brush Out The Dust From The Track: Regularly clean the track with a brush to ensure the sliding barn door moves without causing issues.

Wrap Up

Hope you find this guide about how to build sliding barn doors for garage helpful and easy to follow.

It is a hard task that needs a lot of time, energy, and patience to make the sliding barn door. But you’ll be satisfied after seeing the result.

It’s All For Today, Catch You On The Next Guide!

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