Best hardware for flat panel cabinets [Current Trend]

How to pick the right flat panel cabinet hardware

When it comes to flat panel cabinets, finding the best hardware can be very challenging. It’s hard to know where to start since there are so many kinds and brands. But this shouldn’t discourage you from finding the best set of hardware. Don’t worry, I’m here, aren’t I?

My blog post will help you to get the best hardware for your needs, based on factors such as durability, functionality, price, style, and suitability. Also, I have included a list of the best hardware for flat panel cabinets that will help you make the most appropriate selection for your kitchen design.

So, if you’re looking to install a new cabinet in your kitchen, read on for some helpful advice!

How to pick the right flat panel cabinet hardware

Flat Cabinet kitchen hardware is a crucial element that can add both beauty and function to your kitchen. Elegant hardware can give your kitchen a high-end look, while durable hardware ensures that your cabinets will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

To help you choose the ideal kitchen hardware, here are a few tips:

First, think about the design of the kitchen as a whole. If you have a modern kitchen, then sleek and simple hardware would be a good choice. It would be better to choose ornate and detailed hardware if you have a more traditional kitchen.

After that, think about the finish of your cabinets. Pick a finish that contrasts with your cabinets so that your hardware will stand out.

Also, consider the function of your cabinets. As each of them comes with a different design for opening the cabinet. Check which design feels more stylish & comfortable.

9 Different hardware for flat panel Kitchen cabinet

Anyone who has the affordability to bring a more aesthetic view to the kitchen will surely try to upgrade the kitchen cabinet. If you are planning to add a flat panel cabinet then the below list of the 9 best hardware for cabinets will help you a lot.

I made the list after proper research & most of them have their unique touch regarding design & style. Let’s explore that hardware one by one…

1. Tubular stainless steel bar pulls

Pulls made of tubular stainless steel are a great choice for flat panel doors. They are sleek and contemporary in design, and they come in a variety of different styles to suit your taste.

If you want something simple and understated or something more ornate and elaborate, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among the many different types of tubular stainless steel pulls available.

In addition, these pulls are also very durable and easy to care for, making them an ideal choice for busy households.

So when you’re in the mood for a new way to update the look of your kitchen, consider installing tubular stainless steel bar pulls on the doors.

2. Flat Bar Pulls

Kitchen remodeling projects often involve choosing new kitchen hardware. One popular kitchen hardware trend is flat bar pulls. Flat bar pulls are a stylish and modern option for flat cabinets. They offer a clean and sleek look that can complement any style of décor.

Plus, these are also very versatile and can be used on both traditional and contemporary styles of cabinets.

If you want to upgrade the view of the kitchen without spending a big chunk of dollars they can be a very good option for you.

They are also suitable for both horizontal and vertical wood grain, as well as horizontal long drawers. When selecting flat bar pulls for your kitchen, keep in mind that they should be installed at the correct width for your cabinets.

3. J- or C-Channel metal rail pulls

C-channel and J-channel rail pull offer a clean, modern look for flat panel cabinet doors. They’re easy to install, with no exposed fasteners, and they come in a variety of colors and finishes to match your cabinets.

Also, C- or J-channel pulls are a perfect choice for kitchen designs that incorporate a waterfall countertop. The simple, streamlined design of these pulls is a great complement to the clean lines of the countertop.

In addition, the metal finish of these pulls can help to create a cohesive look with other metal elements in the kitchen, such as appliances and hardware.

4. Tab pulls

One of the hottest trends in kitchen design right now is flat-panel cabinets. They have a gleaming, modern look that can really freshen up your space. And one of the best ways to show off those flat-panel cabinets is with beautiful tab pulls.

Tab pulls are a type of hardware that mounts on the edge of the door or drawer, giving it an ultra-stylish, minimalist look. Plus, they’re super easy to install – no need for drill holes or special screws.

Besides, they pair especially well with wood veneers and high-gloss painted finishes, giving off modern vintage vibes that are sure to impress.

5. C-Channel Integrated Pulls (Wood Pulls)

Adding a touch of style to your kitchen is easy with these C-channel integrated pulls. The minimalist design is perfect for an open kitchen, and the wood finish looks great with any color scheme.

Moreover, the integrated design means that the pulls are flush with the cabinet doors, providing a sleek and elegant look. Even the installation of these pulls is quite easy.

6. Wire Pulls

Wire pulls are an often overlooked but important part of any kitchen design. They provide a simple and elegant way to open and close flat cabinets, and they complement both industrial lighting and stainless steel countertops.

Moreover, wire pulls are also relatively easy to install, making them a great option for DIYers.

7. Hidden touch latches

Sliding touch latches are an excellent way to keep your flat cabinets securely closed. These latches are designed to be hidden, so they won’t detract from the beauty of your exotic veneer cabinets.

Also, they’re also easy to install and use, making them a great option for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional Cabinet hardware.

Choosing a hidden touch latch is a great option for those seeking a functional latch that is stylish as well.

8. Recessed Pulls

Commercial establishments often have flat-faced cabinets with recessed pulls. This type of cabinet can give a kitchen a glossy, modern look.

And while recessed pulls are often associated with high-end designer kitchens, they can actually be quite affordable. In addition, recessed pulls are also very practical for regular use.

They are easy to grip and allow for ample clearance when opening doors, making them especially well-suited for use with bypass doors.

Recessed pulls are available in a variety of materials, including stained wood, metal, and glass. So it’s more flexible when it comes to blending with the kitchen design.

9. Cutout Flat Bar Pulls

Cutout flat bar pulls are the perfect way to add a touch of glamor and class to your rift-cut travertine or high-gloss finishes. These beautiful pulls are suitable for rift-cut travertine and high-gloss finishes, and they’re sure to make a statement in any room.

Featuring sleek lines and a luxurious finish, these pulls are sure to make any room look more put together and polished.

If you want to take your home décor to the next level, don’t hesitate to use cutout flat bar pulls.

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Let’s wrap things up

So, what is the ideal hardware for flat panel cabinets? Well, the answer to that question depends on your specific needs and preferences.

I have highlighted some of the top-notch options in this post that are leading the current market.

I know it’s tough to decide which hardware brand or type is right for you with so many options out there. Hopefully, the recommendations for the best hardware for flat panel cabinets will help make the decision process a little bit easier.

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