Why Wrap Doorknob In Aluminum Foil When Alone: The Benefits!


A lot of people still believe that the aliens exist and that’s why wrap doorknob in aluminum foil when alone in the home to protect themselves, which is funny.

But that doesn’t mean using the foil paper is meaningless. The foil-covered doorknob can help you determine whether someone enters your house at night when you are asleep.

Apart from this single reason, there’re more which you’ll discover in this guide.

It has some good uses. If you find this topic interesting, then keep on reading.

Why Wrap Doorknob In Aluminum Foil When Home Alone?

If you happen to live alone in an apartment and feel a bit scared inside the bedroom, then wrap your door handle in foil from the outside. There are safety benefits plus more ways in which such wrapping helps. Here are the major reasons behind this action below:

1. Identify Any Robbery Activity

Yeah! The aluminum foil is a great item that will let you figure out if someone attempts to enter inside when you are alone inside a house. It helps a lot especially when you have no access to a security camera or alarm system.

Just cover the doorknob using the foil from the outside and take a picture. Then, once you wake up the next morning, look into the doorknob. If it’s thorn apart or cut, then someone might have been trying to enter your home or room.

Although you might not recognize who’s the person, it will give you a signal to strengthen the security system of your door.

2. Burglar Won’t Enter Your Unusual Home

In this age of technology, people use a strong security system to keep themselves safe. But, if you try something new and unique which is unfamiliar like attaching the aluminum foil on the doorknob from the outside, the burglar might leave the home.

The reason is anybody feels intimidated by things that seem unusual. And wrapping aluminum on door is far from normal. Out of uncertainty, there’s high chance the bugler won’t take a risk and simply leave without entering.  

3. Get Rid Of Paint Splashes

Another big reason why you want to wrap the doorknob in aluminum foil when alone is to protect it from paint splash.

If you tend to work alone in an empty home and try DIY painting someday, consider using the aluminum foil will help you cover the necessary hardware like a doorknob.

As people like to spread rumors about alien stuff and superspecies, you can work on a logical term by covering the handle of your door to secure it from paint drops. It will also help you save the duct tape for door frames and other uses.  

4. Avoid Germs Getting Into Your Hand.

One study shows that aluminum foil can help reduce the diseases like corona to enter your home. It causes the metal which holds germs to not spread. 

The aluminum foil blocks the surface completely so that you can hold the knob comfortably. So, once your friend leaves your home, you can wrap the doorknob using 3 foils.

5. Never Catch Fire Or Burn Easily

The last reason why one might like to use aluminum foil on the doorknob is due to its flameproof ability. 

This means you can hold the doorknob easily which can get hot due to the flame unless it’s wrapped with foil if your home gets burned or catch fire. It’s a great way that might work well in an emergency situation.

3 Protective Benefits Of Aluminium Foil for Door Knob

Folks use aluminum foil for a variety of reasons other than covering food or fruits. Let me show you the 3 benefits of it to use on the doorknob:

  • Keeping The Metal Surface Clean: The foil does a nice job to make the doorknob clean and dirt-free. It as well helps to avoid marking fingerprints on the knob too.
  • Polish The Doorknob: Make a paste using 1 teaspoon of salt, flour, and vinegar. Next, squeeze a foil then dip it inside the mixture to rub the doorknob, and rinse well. It’ll help clear the dull and old grimes easily.
  • Prevent Surface From Rust: The foil is a great element that resists water and other obstacles which cause the metal doorknob to get corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to put foil on a doorknob when alone?

Yup, it’s harmless! You can simply use the aluminum foil for your daily life purposes including wrapping doorknobs when it fits.

How do you wrap a doorknob with aluminum foil?

Start by getting an aluminum foil from a nearby store. Then, wrap the doorknob completely using the aluminum foil. Ensure its nicely sealed with no bubble or gap.

What Is Aluminum Foil?

The aluminum foil is made out of purely aluminum metal. Most of the time, it’s 0.2 mm thick to cover, pack, or insulate in order to keep items in good shape.

Overall Thoughts

Still, wondering why wrap doorknob in aluminum foil when alone? Hope it’s not like that! Apart from the conspiracy theory of aliens, there’re some uses of foil which is handy in a different way (I have mentioned earlier).

You can try using it on the doorknob. Hopefully, the given details help you get the info that you want to learn.  

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